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Full Version: How much do you charge per ounce of bath salts?
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Hi all-

Thought I'd throw together a lil' pole and see what the going rate is around here. Please vote for how much you charge PER OUNCE of bath salts. Then post what size you sell and how they are packaged. I think I charge A LOT for salts and thought it would be interesting to see how we all weigh in.

Thanks for voting peoples, but post how big your package size is and what type of packaging...pleeeeeeease. I expect those that do lil' plasic baggies will sell for less than those who do jars, etc.
LELA!! Girl you just read my mind!!! laugh.gif
After posting replys about salts and saying that they just don't sell well for me I started to wonder if I have been charging to much???
I package mine in those little saches and in glass containers, not the huge ones either....but ranging from med. to very small. Mostly the small size though. That is why I am seriously thinking of switching over to salt tubes for good. They are easier to deal with, look fresher, and they are cheaper if you are purchasing your glass containers. Plus you can just toss them into a basket, bag or box for a filler if you want. I usually charge around a buck an oz....mostly though because I use all sorts of glass and use ribbons with little charms on them ect. to make them look cute. Obviously I'm the only one that thinks so!! (or people are just really cheap!!! lolol)(well, honestly I have no room to talk!!) Seriously I have been considering ditching salts all together....I even have buttermilk bath salt and its still sits there day after day.

Has anyone replaced their salts with something else? Like bath fizzy ?? (the loose kind?)

edit to say.....oz size between 2oz-sachets, up to 8 oz in glass ....a few bigger also in glass
I put mine in 8oz pet jars and they hold about 10oz. I sell 1 jar for $6 or 2 for $10.

i sell 8 ounces in cellophane for 8-9.00
Interesting fae...I have tried 8 ounces in a cello bag before and it just doesn't look like much at all. I just redid my packaging and am doing 12 ounces in a big container. I recommend approx. 2 ounces per bath. Is that about what you all recommend?
it should be fine - i think a jar would be nice ... how much you selling it for?

i know a woman that sells lil plasitc baggies of salts for 5.25 and they hold about 2-4 ounces!
I put my salts in 8oz PET jars, which holds about 12oz (by weight). They sell fairly well for me at $8.00 per jar (I also add a little plastic scoop).
Wow my jars are big compared to everyone else. I'm a hog when it comes to salt in my bath. I sell my salts in 16 oz containers (and they weigh in at 16 oz too). Jars with scoops and I suggest 2 scoops per bath, but I use a LOT more than that. wink.gif

Just moved to 12 ounce containers and was thinking of going $14. Just seems high to me...
I do 9 ounces (4 baths) in an organza bag for $7.50. For the a colored glass jar for $9.99.

A week ago I went into bath and body works. They were selling bath salts (dead sea) in an 8 oz glass jar for $20.00 dollars. mabey you guys don't charge enough LOL

8 ounces for $10.
Has anyone replaced their salts with something else?  Like bath fizzy ?? (the loose kind?)

I'm thinking about making those this week. I bought some of Galatea's self-sealing 8 oz jars for scrubs (for gifts, not sales), but since I'm on a mission to use up as much of my inventory, supplies and raw materials by Dec. 31 as I can, I think I'll use the jars for fizzing bath salts instead.

I know I have all the ingredients, although I haven't decided on a recipe yet (any suggestions would be welcomed!) I'll probably do different EO blends, mix the loose fizziness with Epsom salts and Dead Sea salts, and sell for ... good question! I might sell them for just $5 a jar, since $1 an ounce for something that goes so quickly seems pretty high to me.
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