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Full Version: Lavender & Patchouli ????
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Sudsy Lady
Help!!! I would like to make a lavender/patchouli blend but am wondering what % of each to use in CP soap? I have never used patchouli yet, but Herbchild you have inspiried me! laugh.gif TIA
Sudsylady- I have some good luck using 3 parts Lavender to 1 part patchouli. The Patchouli seems to anchor the Lavender well and contibutes well to the blend. If you want a soap smelling mostly like Lavender you can use 9 parts Lavender and 1 part patchouli. The resulting soap will be mostly Lavender in scent with the Patchouli in the background, so to speak, but the fleeting Lavender scent will remain for a much longer time than if no Patchouli was used.
This is one of my all time favorites. I do 3:1, like Ron mentioned. It gives a nice earthiness to the lavender without overwhelming it. Even though the patchouli colors the base, it still comes out a nice bright white (depending on your oils, of course) for me, and I swirl it with UM violet.

My other favorite is lavender and orange.

Oh, and lavender and rosemary.

Ooops, almost forgot lavender and lime.

Dang, that lavender is useful stuff! smile.gif
I use a blend of patchouli, lavender and sweet orange - yum!!!

3 patchouli
1 lavender
1 sweet orange

Have fun!!!
Sudsy Lady
Thanks so much!!! I'll try that ratio! They all sound good! I love lavender & I love sweet orange so will try that too!!
Wow, I MUST be abnormal.

When I do lavender and patchouli (with nothing else in there) I usually go 50/50. I love it.

But then again, you know me, I just simply cannot bare to use patchouli and NOT be able to know it's just seems such a horrible crime to me laugh.gif

I also like lavender, sweet orange and patchouli, and lavender, patchouli and cedarwood is nice too, but very light on the cedar, just a hint.

Lavender lime is great as well, and very popular for me.
I just made a big batch of patchouli soap last night and divided it into three separate batches: patchouli lavender (50/50); patchouli orange (50/50) and plain old patchouli. I have a new wholesale account that's interested in lots of patchouli

The lavender-orange-patchouli combo is wonderful also. For a mostly lavender bar I use 2-2-1 as listed (blend courtesy of my friend Herb Child). The patchouli adds depth and sensuality to the blend. Mmm. My fav.

Yep, Herbie, I do the 50/50 for this blend as well. Patchouli is a great fixative for lavender...but with my lavender/patchouli soap, I also want you to really smell the patchouli so that's why I go half and half.

My new favorite blend is ginger,lemon & lime. 2ginger,1 lemon 1 lime.When I infused the olive oil with fresh ginger,I got a soft pale pink soap,almost cameo colored. I will always love lavender with anything but have not tried it with patchouli as an anchor.Good idea.I learn so much from this forum.Happy soaping. :wave:[color=darkred][/color]
Hi Flower~

I make the same combo; my kids call it 7-Up soap because it reminds them of the beverage. I've never infused the ginger, though. What a great idea. Do you mind sharing how you handled your infusion? I would think with the moisture content in the ginger you'd have to use it right away? I have a hand of ginger in the freezer that I should use for something before it dries up.
Hi,first time I took fresh ginger, scrubbed it well, shredded it on my mothers old box shredder, infused it in the lye water, strained it out before I added it to the oils.Next time, the ginger was a little more dehydrated so I shredded it the same,added it to a quart canning jar, filled almost to top with olive oil, put in microwave to heat til small bubbles started to rise to top(don't want it to boil, what a mess,ask me how I know),remove from microwave,clean top of jar off and put canning flat and tighten down with ring,turn upside down and let cool,will seal on own.Let set for a few weeks,use olive oil as part of recipe olive oil or use at trace with fragrance oils.Hope it works as well for you as it did for me.
biggrin.gif Herbchild, I just cut a batch of Lavender Lime soap today! It's yummy!!! I did half and half and added lavender flowers and lime juice and rind; spirolina for color. It looks and smells so fresh and beautiful!! Thanks, Nancy
When I first started out with essential oils, the first blend I tried was Lavender and Patchouli 50/50 with a pinch of ground sage mixed in for color.
To this day it is one of my absolute favorites - simple but so so GOOD....
okay, i think you guys have helped me with my decision for one of tomorrow's batches... Lavender Patchouli 50/50!

can't wait.

Soapy Mom
I did a 50:50 blend of lavender & patchouli and I also put lavender buds in for texture. The smell was amazing and I called it Mystic Dreams.

Sudsy Lady
I made a batch of Lavender/Patchouli. I didn't have much Patchouli only about a 1/2 oz so I made a small batch used 1.5 lavender to .5 patchouli. It is kind of lost in the lavender. I guess I should have waited until I got more to try it. But dang, it sure smells good, it seems to have boosted the lavender without changing the scent of it. Make sense?? Its very pretty though, white with lavender swirl with a sprinkling of lavender on top. I'll get more patch. & try again with a stronger blend.
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